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Minimum Wage Checks

Datafile Software

Minimum Wage Checks

A new option has been added to the Datafile Payroll system to validate the hourly rate of an employee against set minimum wage rates for his/her age. During the payroll input, the print of the ‘Payroll Check Report’ and the payroll run itself, the system will display an on-screen warning if the employee’s hourly rate is below the minimum.


System Profiles

The option to enable the minimum wage check and enter the wage rates is available within the Payroll System Profiles.

To update the System Profiles select Installation from the main menu and lock out the system, then select System Profiles and the Payroll application. An option on the ‘Payroll Profile (Type / Period / Options)’ parameter screen allows you to apply minimum wage checks.

Check for Minimum Wage by Age

When set a pop-up allows entry of up to four age bands together with their minimum wage rates.

Enter the age and the rate applicable at that rate (enter the ages in ascending order).

NB: The rates displayed here are those in effect at the end of October 2005. These rates are not maintained by Datafile, i.e. they will not be updated as part of the tax table updates.

  • Release ID: 5.6