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Data Item Access via Authority Level

Datafile Software

Data Item Access via Authority Level

This option allows you to set, via a database.ini, the authority level for display and access to data items such as the cost price.

If you create a text file in the same location as the database – so for example, if you have a file ABC-STA.DFD in the DATA folder create a ABC-STA.INI in the same folder – this is used to set the authority levels. The format is:


So if you wished that the cost price on the stock file is only shown to users with authority level 5 or above then you would set an entry as:


Additional Notes

q This option affects screen access to the nominated fields – reports will still include these items and should be protected in the normal manner (authority level and password).

q Where the purpose of a procedure requires the field(s) concerned, for example if blocking display of cost price then no point in entering purchase orders, then the procedure should be restricted in the normal manner.

q Remember that the same value can be held in multiple databases – the cost price on the stock file, for example, will be recorded on the stock transactions file, the purchase order details file, the sales order detail file, etc – so you would need a database INI for each of these databases.

  • Release ID: 5.7