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Printing to Tobit Faxware / David

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Printing to Tobit Faxware / David

This new feature allows the ability to include the passing of fax commands to your Tobit Faxware / David printer. Other fax products, such as Zetafax, that support the passing of commands to the print device are also supported. This option is only applicable in the improved designer released on the last update.

With the document design the ‘Format’ pull-down menu now includes the parameter ‘Fax Commands’.

You have the ability to enter up to ten lines of control text that will be passed to the fax printer (note if you print this to a standard printer direct – i.e. not print to the fax printer – these commands will appear on the printout) which will allow you to pass detail such as fax numbers and contacts.

To pass information from the database, such as a fax number, you enter the command ‘@@ NUMBER’ followed by a space and then a ‘!’ and then the three-digit data item number, finishing with ‘@@’ to close the command – i.e. ‘@@NUMBER !087@@’. Data items available are shown on the LIST button including special options for document date, user-id and invoice number (where appropriate).

Include commands when sending to spooler? - If left blank then these commands will not be included when you print to the disk spooler and so, any subsequent print from the spool file will also not include these details. In addition, documents saved to the Ledger Enquiry would not include these commands if this option is not set. Note that a spool file can contain documents for multiple sources and, Tobit Faxware/David for one, can not interpret multiple commands in one print job correctly.


Unlike old-style documents you would not print to the device ‘Fax File Server’ but instead print to the Tobit printer available in the printers list.

This option can also be used to send commands to products such as Spindle which allows, amongst other options, the pasting of background forms to the document and the send to multiple sources based on order of priority – i.e. if email address send to email, if blank and fax number set send by fax, if both blank send to the printer.

  • Release ID: 5.7