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Control Completion of Works Order

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Control Completion of Works Order

By default a works order is completed when the entered order quantity has been built and all the components issued. This option prevents the completion of an order allowing you to over-build or over-issue components (or indeed under-build/issue) as necessary. During update of the files the user will be prompted whether they wish to complete the works order or not. If any further processing is required say ‘No’, otherwise respond ‘Yes’ to complete the order.

If you elect to complete the works order whilst a quantity of the assembly is remaining to be built, or components waiting to be issued, then the balance is written off and stock reserved and on-order values updated accordingly.


Document Design Manager

A new parameter has been added to ‘General Document Parameters 1’ of the build document

Don’t complete based on quantity (ask if complete)? - Set to prompt for whether the works order is to be completed. Leave blank to complete when order quantity has been fully built.

  • Release ID: 5.7