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Auto Accept Entered Batch Details

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Auto Accept Entered Batch Details

When processing an order processing delivery document, if the stock item is batch or serial tracked then, after confirmation of the action quantity, you are asked for the batch or serial codes to be used. If, after entering these details, the total quantity doesn’t equal what you entered earlier then the operator is warned accordingly. You then have the option to either add/remove entered batch details or to amend the action quantity. To amend the action quantity you have to <ESC>, amend the quantity and then re-confirm the batch/serial details.

This new option allows you to press the <F7-Option> key on the warning message which, after entry of an optional password, will update the action quantity to that of the confirmed batch details.

Write-Off – if the write-off functionality is enabled then you will be prompted whether you wish to write-off the undelivered quantity (or if over-delivery confirm you want to over-delivery) after use of the <F7-Option> key.

Increased Qty – whilst it would be normal to use this option when the entered batch/serial details are lower than the entered action quantity, if the stock code is batch tracked (though not serial tracked) then it would be possible for the entered batch details to exceed the action quantity.If this is the case then the system will re-validate the action quantity according to standard rules – doesn’t exceed o/s-delivered quantity (if w/off not in use), stock is physically available, etc. If the increased action quantity fails these checks you will be asked to reconfirm the action quantity and the batch details.


Document Design Manager

The option to allow the use of the <F7-Option> key is enabled through the document design manager for the individual documents. Parameter Screen 20 ‘Batch Tracking Printing’ has a new option at the bottom of the screen ‘Accept Batch Qty’.

Accept Batch Qty - When set a pop-up allows you to enter a password which is prompted on use of the <F7-Option> key, leave blank if not required.

  • Release ID: 5.7

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