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Submit P45 On-Line

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Submit P45 On-Line

This feature adds the option to send the P45 returns online via XML to the HMRC as part of the procedure for marking an employee as a leaver.

If you elect to proceed then the system begins the XML submission process.

The first prompt ascertains whether the employee is deceased (the HMRC need to record this).

Print XML Output– set to allow print of the full submission to the HMRC.

Report Errors Only– only applicable if not set to print in full this option prints the XML lines that are in error (perhaps because the NI Number is invalid).

Test Submission – set to send this submission as a test.This goes through all the standard processes but the HMRC discards the submission at the end.

Once you have set the run-time parameters as required select the RUN button. You are then warned that this is a "Test” or "Live” submission as appropriate and asked if you wish to proceed.

If you proceed you are asked to confirm the ‘General XML Parameters’, if not you are returned to the run-time parameters to amend the details or abandon.

If you have previously used the end-of-year online submission routines these parameter options will be set for you. If not you can set the parameters as below:

Employers Name – Enter your company name.

Address / Post Code– Enter the company address details for the employer.

Contact Title / Forename / Surname – Enter your details (this is included should the HMRC need to contact you).

Telephone / Fax / Email – Enter the contact details as requested.

Inland Revenue Office / PAYE Ref – you cannot amend this information here, if incorrect you need to amend via the Payroll System Profiles.

Inland Revenue User-Id / Password – Enter the user-id / password supplied by the HMRC.

NB: If acting as an agent for another employer then the above are the employer’s details.

The second page asks for the agent details.

If you are running the payroll as an agent on behalf of another employer then enter your details here, otherwise leave blank.

Agent Id – Enter your Agent ID as supplied by the HMRC

Company Name – Enter your company name here.

Address / Post Code – Enter your company address details.

Contact Time / Forename / Surname – Enter your details for the HMRC if any queries.

Telephone / Fax / Email – Enter the contact details here.

After confirming these details you will be asked if you wish to proceed.

If you choose not to proceed you are returned to the payroll menu, if you elect to proceed the XML file is created and you are warned if any errors have been detected.

Select the OK button to proceed. If you elected to print the XML report or, if reporting errors and an error was detected, you will be prompted with the printer dialog to select the print device for the XML report.

After printing the report then, if any errors were detected, you are returned to the menu. If no errors found then the system begins the submission process.

The submission process goes through several stages in communicating with the HMRC Government Gateway.At the end of the process the system will report whether the submission was successful or whether any business level errors were detected – these might include an invalid reference for which you are not registered. If a business level error occurs then you need to correct the advised error and then re-submit the file.

If the gateway is busy or off-line you may get the polling message repeated. If this is the case keep trying for a few minutes but if polling continues to repeat abandon and resubmit later.


If you mark an employee as a leaver but elect to pay them this period then you will not be prompted to submit the return to the HMRC (nor to print the P45 document) as their pay details are not yet complete. Instead re-select this option after the payroll run and use the <F7-Option> key to pass the status warning message, re-select the ‘Leave’ option you will then be asked to print the P45 and submit to the HMRC.


If you’ve previously used the end-of-year online filing routines then no additional set-up parameters are required.

If you haven’t used this process then the Payroll System Profiles allows you to preset the parameters discussed above and allows you to set/amend the IR Office / PAYE reference details – this is achieved via the ‘Company/Bank Details’ parameter screens.

You must have registered with the Inland Revenue to use this submission service (although if you registered to file end of year returns online you do not need to register again). If you have not registered to use this service yet, do so now. Registration details take approximately 7 days to come through, and you register at

  • Release ID: 5.7