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Year End Reporting

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Year End Reporting

When running a month end the system offers the option for ‘Automatic Reports’ which runs through selected application reports with details for the month. This new option allows a similar feature for the year-end – covering transaction details for the entire financial year.

When you select the year-end reports the list of reports to be printed are listed and you are prompted as to whether to print for the current or previous year. The system shows the calendar years and defaults to ‘C’ or ‘P’ depending on the current sales period – if in periods 1-to-11 (assuming 12 period calendar) then will default to ‘P’, if in period 12 then will default to ‘C’ provided the nominal year end hasn’t already been run.

Once you’ve chosen the year the system then runs the selected reports.


Menu Design

The option for automatic year-end reports requires adding to the menu using the CONFIG sign-on – we suggest using the SLPER.D03 for the sales ledger, or PLPER.D03 for the purchase ledger.

Applic, Program or Notes – P

Menu Name or Program Path – SL.EXE for Sales Ledger, PL.EXE for Purchase Ledger

Parameter – 6007

Application User Facilities

To select which of the ledger application reports are available when running the year-end reports you need to use the Application User Facilities. Within the user facilities the third screen of the ‘Period/Year End’ facilities allows you to select the required reports.

Whilst the full list of ledger reports is available, some are of limited use when running within the automatic year-end reports menu. Reports on the accounts file like the ‘List of Accounts’ report, or the ‘Customer Analysis’ report will report the details as now, as will the ‘Aged Debtors Report’ and ‘Ledger Control Summary’, in addition the ‘Tax Reports’ will also report as per the current period.

The transaction reports ‘Year End Tx Listings’ (i.e. transaction listings), ‘Unallocated Transactions’, ‘Turnover’ and ‘Nominal’ analysis reports and the ‘Transaction Control Summary’ are the only reports were the data reported is affected by running from the year-end menu – i.e. they include transactions for the year range, other reports print details based on the current data.

In addition to the reports available, two parameters allow you to control whether to include analysis transactions (i.e. the type ‘9’ transactions which record the ‘invoice’ breakdown) and whether the aged debtors/creditors report details the transactions.

  • Release ID: 5.7