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Printing Customer / Supplier Stock Codes on Documents

Datafile Software

Printing Customer / Supplier Stock Codes on Documents

Various changes have been made over the last few releases on the input and recording of customer and supplier stock codes during order entry. This new feature allows a setting on the customer / supplier record to determine on documents whether the stock code printed is ‘your’ stock code, the customer / supplier equivalent stock code or indeed both codes (one under the other).

The customer / supplier account prompt for ‘Which Stock Code’ can be set as

0 Print the standard stock code

1 Print the customer / supplier stock (if blank print standard stock code)

2 Print both codes (one under the other on documents, standard code first)

During document production the system uses this setting to control whether the system prints the standard stock code or an alternate item on the order detail record containing the customer / supplier stock code (or indeed both).

Populating the Customer / Supplier Stock Code

 For this feature the customer / supplier stock code must be recorded on the order detail record. With the supplier code you can, if only purchase an item from one supplier, record this code on the stock file and copy over to the purchase order detail. When using multiple suppliers, or for sales order processing where multiple customers buy the same items the usual method is to have a lookup database on the order entry screen to determine the customer / supplier stock code.


Changes are required to the customer/supplier accounts database, plus the database profiles for the ledger and order processing. If recording ‘alternate’ codes for the first time you’d also need items on the sales / purchase order detail file to hold the customer / supplier stock code.

Restructure a Database

Changes are required to the Sales / Purchase Accounts file to hold the ‘print control’ for the stock code.

File Item Type Description

SLA/PLA WHICH-STOCK Y (1) Holds value from 0-2 that controls which stock code to print.

SOD CUST-STK-CODE X (16) Customer Stock Code to be printed if set.

POD SUPP-STK-CODE X (16) Supplier Stock Code to be printed if set.

Set Database Profiles

The new data items within the accounts and order detail databases need to be referenced within the Datafile Database Profiles. The new account item is referenced within the sales/purchase profile screen ‘Account Optional 4’ as ‘Print Cust Stock-Code’ (or ‘Print Supp Stock-Code’ for the purchase ledger)

The alternate customer / supplier stock code is referenced with the profiles for the order processing application within the ‘Detail Optional 5’ parameter screen.

NB: Of particular use for the supplier stock code the Database Profiles for Stock Control allow reference to the supplier (and customer though this is of less use unless stock item is exclusive to a customer) stock code. If this item is referenced this system will automatically copy this value from stock to the order detail when adding records.

Application Screen Layouts

Changes are required to the customer / supplier account maintenance screens to allow setting of the ‘Which Stock Code’ flag item. If recording the alternate supplier stock code on the stock record you may need to change your stock maintenance screen to include this item.

Document Design

No specific changes are required to the document parameters provided that the stock code is printed on the document from the print category ‘Document Detail Lines’ and not direct from the database then replacement, where applicable, will occur automatically.Remember though, when setting print items that if the alternate code inputs are larger than standard stock format you may need to move following items further to the right to avoid overlapping.

  • Release ID: 6.1