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Currency Aged Analysis in Auto Period End Reports

Datafile 2019 or above
Diamond and Premier Only

In a currency enabled Sales / Purchase Ledger the Aged Analysis of Debtors / Creditors report allows an option to ‘Report Which Currencies’.  By default, the report prints in the base currency of the system (usually GBP) but can be set to print in the currency of the account.  When the Aged Debtors report in included within the Automatic Period End Reports feature the report always printed in base currency.  A new option has now been added to include the currency print of this report.

Aged Analysis by Currency – set by default, when the automatic period end reports are printed the Aged Analysis report will print in base currency as standard but a second copy will print in the currency of the account (as per the standard currency print  printed in alphabetical currency order with totals per currency)


  • Release ID: 7.3