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Sales / Purchase – Transactions to be Displayed

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Sales / Purchase – Transactions to be Displayed

The development of the Ledger Enquiry in Release 6.0 to include CRM facilities resulted in the merging of the previously separate enquiry options for Transactions, Retained Transactions and Outstanding Transactions into one option with a filter option to swap between these options accordingly.

Feedback from users who primarily use the keyboard, as opposed to the mouse, found swapping the filter took more time than swapping the enquiry previously. In Release 6.1 we’ve therefore added buttons to the transaction display to allow keyboard users to swap the transactions being displayed from ‘Current’ to ‘Retained’ or ‘Outstanding’ by use of the shortcut keys underlined. The system will remain in the enquiry mode selected until exit from the enquiry, the next enquiry will revert to default transaction display.

  • Release ID: 6.1