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Pre-Defined Criteria - $USER for Current User Id

Datafile 2018 and above

When setting up reports, pick lists or landing pages it can be useful to restrict the records listed to those for which the user is the "owner”.  You could allow the user to amend the criteria and set their own user-id, or you could define multiple reports/lists with different criteria and ask the user to select the appropriate action. 


This new feature allows the entry of a value of $USER which will be replaced with the current user’s user-id during processing.




Date Tests


Existing options allow you to use $T against criteria on a date data item which is replaced with today’s date during processing for selection criteria.  Similarly, you have options for $M (start of month), $H (end of month), $Y (start of year) and $R (end of year) – all based on calendar year relative to today’s date.



  • Release ID: 7.1