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Mandatory Extra Input Items

Diamond and Premier Only

Each of the Stock Transaction processes allows, for batch/serial flagged items, up to five extra items to be recorded per individual batch/serial (subject to screen limitations). These extra items can be set to be view-only (so that the operator can see the value but not amend), or to be remembered (so on continual input the value entered against the first batch/serial is defaulted on the next). Release 6.8 developed this further so that items can be configured for input based on flags on the stock item – for example some items might have an expiry date, others not.

A further new feature has been added so that the extra input items can require a mandatory input – meaning the operator must enter a value for this extra input item to proceed.


System Profiles

The Batch Tracking additional input items are defined on screens 3 and 4 of the Batch Tracking System Profiles. To update the profiles, select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then System Profiles. Select the Batch Tracking application and then move to Screen 3 of the parameters.

Each stock movement transaction option can have its own definition of extra items – you may require some items to be input on ‘goods in’ and different items on ‘goods out. Setting the extra item flag against the appropriate transaction will allow definition of the extra input items.

Batch File Item – reference the data item on the BAT file to be viewed/updated.

Input – set if input is required, leave blank to display only.

Remember – set if, in continual input, the value entered for the previous batch/serial is offered by default on the next batch/serial.

Stock Confirm Item– reference item on the STA file that controls whether this batch item is to be input (if left blank then item is input automatically – subject to earlier flag).

Mandatory – if input allowed set if operator must enter value against this item.

  • Release ID: 6.9