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Extra Documents for Sales / Purchase Order Processing

Datafile Software

Extra Documents for Sales / Purchase Order Processing

This new feature doubles the number of documents available within Sales and Purchase Order Processing on the Premier product level to 24.


Document Design Manager

Within the Document Design Manager you can now configure up to 24 documents per document type.To update the document layouts select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Document Design Manager. The first screen continues to show the initial 12 documents, to define documents 13-24 press the <Page-Down> key.

As before use the <F4-Key> to update document names and pathnames and you can use the <F7-Option> key to copy one document layout to another. Once the document listed, you can enter the document number as required to create/update the layout.

To view document entries 1-12 press the <Page-Up> key or press <ESC> to exit back to the menu.


The extra documents are fully supported for document chaining purposes and loading the document(s) individually from ProFiler / Ledger Enquiry Actions / etc.

Within Instant Print set-up within the Optional Features you can use the <F7-Option> key to toggle the display from documents 1-12 to 13-24.

When using the ‘ProFiler’ style menu mixing the document types for instant print you can list a maximum of 24 documents.

  • Release ID: 6.2