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Screen Actions - Master/Detail Revision Counter

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Screen Actions - Master/Detail Revision Counter

This facility allows for the maintenance of a ‘Revision No’ on the master record within a ProFiler application. This ‘Revision No’ is an incremental counter that increases on each change of the master record or the linked detail records.

On save of the master record on initial add or if, as here, exit of the details after initial add of a master record the system will prompt ‘Is the Initial Setup Complete’. If you respond ‘Yes’ then the revision counter is set as ‘1’ and each subsequent amendment – update of master record or change to detail records – increments the counter by 1. If you respond ‘No’ then the revision counter is left as ‘0’, and after each subsequent update to the master record or changes to the detail records the system will again ask if the initial setup is complete.

Once you have responded that the initial set-up is complete there is no further user interaction required to control the increment of the revision number. Note that if change multiple details in one session this only counts as one change to the revision number.


Database Changes

A new item is required on the master database of the ProFiler application to maintain a revision number counter. To restructure the database select Database Systems from the main menu followed by ProFiler Application Definition, Database Utilities and then Restructure A Database. If prompted with the list of applications (first time in) select the application required before entering the pathname for the master database required and press <Enter>.

The existing data items are then displayed on screen, scroll-down to the next available blank entries and create the following items:

Item Type Description

REVISION NO N Incremental Counter for Revision Number.

To insert a new item press <Enter> against a blank entry, enter the title as required and press <Enter>, select the item type (using the drop-down list if required), and depending on item type select the size required.

Once the additional items have been recorded press the <ESC> key and select the UPDATE button to save the database changes. When prompted respond ‘Y’ to the prompts to ‘Extract Existing Data to New Database Structure’ and, if appropriate, ‘Copy Table Entries from Old Database to New Database. A final prompts ask to ‘Remove (.OLD) Database’ – respond as required.

Data File Profiles / File Links

The new master item needs to be referenced within the Data File Profiles for the ProFiler application.To update the profiles select Database Systems from the main menu followed by ProFiler Application Definition and then Data File Profiles.

If prompted with the list of applications (first time in) select the required application before selecting the master file (file 1) of the application. Press <Enter> through the initial parameters for the master file and it’s linked files until the profiles for the Master/Detail relationship are displayed.

A new option has been added into the main file items – Revision No. Reference the newly added data item and <Enter> through the remaining items.Note that if you have more than one detail file within the application the Revision No counter item is shared across all detail databases.

  • Release ID: 6.7