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List Matrix Entries

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List Matrix Entries

This new facility, available for both Customer and Supplier Matrix options allows a ‘list’ option within the Matrix options. The list displays all the entries for a requested customer account/group or a stock record / group and allows you to scroll up/down the list and amend any details required.

On selection the system prompts for the Sales Account and the Stock Code plus, if configured, the Sales Account Group and Stock Records Group. If you leave all the filter items blank the system will list all matrix entries, otherwise you can filter the list by entering combinations of account code/group and stock code/group. Note that if enter both the account code andthe account group then the system will list entries that match either of these two values and operates similarly on the stock code and group.

As you scroll up/down the list <Enter> will act as update and select the currently highlighted entry for amendment but you can also choose from the options at the bottom of the screen to:

 ADD – Allows option to add a new matrix entry

 UPDATE – Allows update of the current highlighted matrix entry

 VIEW – Allows view of the current highlighted matrix entry

 DELETE – Allows the option to delete the current highlighted matrix entry

 EXCEL – Outputs the current matrix list to Excel

 ANOTHER – Allows you to amend the filter list

 EXIT – Returns you to the menu.


System Profiles

A new option has been added to the Sales and Purchase Ledger System Profiles to prompt for to allow the Matrix List. To update the profiles select Installation from the main menu, lock out all systems, and then select System Profiles and the Sales Ledgerapplication. Screen 5 of the parameters contains the additional option.

Allow Desktop List Entries Option – set this option to enable the list function. When set a pop-up allows you to select up to ten items from the matrix to be displayed. 


The List option can be called direct from an application menu – program is DT (no .EXE suffix) and parameter is 005611 for the Customer Matrix, and 009111 for the Supplier Matrix.

  • Release ID: 6.7