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Ledger Enquiry CRM Authority Levels

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Ledger Enquiry CRM Authority Levels

Within the Ledger Enquiry CRM options are available that allow you to save and record emails (subject to the mail client), word documents, notes, scans and contacts against each of the main application databases.Generally speaking, with the exception of the delete function, these options are available for all operators who can access the application within the Ledger Enquiry. This new feature allows the ability to set authority levels for the options available within each of the CRM actions for the main application databases.


Ledger Enquiry Manager

To configure the CRM Authority Levels for an application within the Ledger Enquiry you need to update the enquiry configuration within the Ledger Enquiry Manager. To update the display select Installation from the main menu followed by Ledger Enquiry Manager and then Enquiries Configuration, select the required application before selecting CRM Authority Levels.

Initially all authority levels are blank – this means that the system will use the current authority levels. Generally this means that all options are available at the lowest authority level (9) except any delete option which is only available to the highest authority level (0) unless (for likes of Word / Notes) the user deleting the entry was the original user who added the entry.

For each application you can set authority levels for each action within the Mail, Word, Notes, Scans and Contact options. If you leave an authority level blank then the system reverts to the default authority level for the action, if set then the operators’ authority level is checked before and the action is enabled / disabled as configured.


Contact options only apply for the Sales and Purchase Accounts databases (and then only if configured for use). The CRM Authority Level actions are also only available for the main application databases and not the extra application enquiry options.

Care should be taken when setting authority levels – typically you’d would want View action to be lower authority level than Update / Add / Print etc. Similarly Update wouldn’t have a higher authority than Add, and so on.

With regards to the SCANS action there is a set authority level for whether the feature is allowed within each of the application enquiries.

The MEMO function authority level is controlled, as now, within the Memo Facility Configuration options. Settings for the Debtor Memo are also controlled here – and override any settings defined for the Notes function in relation to this specific ‘note’ only.

Where the CRM functions are available from the main toolbar or the Utilities panel in the main application screen layouts the authority levels set here are also applied.

  • Release ID: 6.7