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Import Payments and Allocate

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Import Payments and Allocate

The Sales and Purchase Batch Update definitions allow the facility to import a payment transaction and allocate this payment against an invoice with a matching payment allocation reference. This new feature allows the imported payment transaction to be matched against multiple invoice and credit transactions that share the same payment allocation reference.


Batch Update Installation Details

A new parameter has been added to the Optional Features of the Batch Update to extend the allocation matching process to multiple transactions. To update select Utility Programs from the main menu followed by Sales Ledger Batch Update or Purchase Ledger Batch Update as required, then select Installation Details followed by the required update definition before selecting Optional Features.

The key parameter settings for this facility are:

Payment Alloc Reference Item on Pay Trans – here you reference the item on the imported payment transaction that includes the reference being paid.

Item to Match on Inv – here you reference the item on the invoice / credit transactions that holds the matching reference value. If this item is left as 0 then the payment allocation reference is presumed to be the standard invoice reference. For the payment to be matched against multiple transactions you should set this value.

Payment Alloc against ALL Transaction Types – this parameter, new in Release 6.7, allows the facility for the payment allocation reference to be matched against multiple invoice and credit transactions. 


The value of the imported Payment transaction must equal the outstanding value of the transactions with the matching allocation reference – if values do not match the payment is imported but not allocated and a later manual allocation is required.

  • Release ID: 6.7