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Special Facilities

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Special Facilities

P11 Transaction Pointers

The P11 file is a detail file off the main employee file and contains transaction history. For standard payroll operation you do not need record pointers to link the employee file to the P11 file but if you want to build ProFiler reports or enquiries you do. If you create, on the employee file, fields named P11-FIRST and P11-LAST these will be automatically maintained by the payroll program.

You would also need these items to retain P11 transactions over the year-end.

Copy Items to the P11 and Premier Transaction Files

The profiles allow the definition of numerous copy items to the Premier transaction file. To copy extra items from the employee files – including the Employee-2 and Employee-3 files – to the transaction file and to define copy items to the P11 transaction file a special facility is available.

If you create a data item in the transaction or P11 file with the same name and type as an item in any of the employee databases then the transaction item will be automatically updated during the payroll run.

  • Release ID: Standard