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Employee Optional 3/11

Datafile Software

Employee Optional 3/11

X Data Item Type Description

Pension Rate – ER K, L Holds the rate or fixed amount of pension contributions to be made by the employer. The system profiles determine how the value here is to be interpreted (basic %, fixed amount, etc.)

Pension Rate – EE K, L Holds the rate of fixed amount of pension contribution by the employee.

X Pension Employer K, L Amount contributed to the pension by the employer this period

X Pension Employee K, L Amount contributed to the pension by the employee this period

X Pension Type COMP ? No longer applicable. This flag was set automatically by the system based on the NI category of the employee. This related to F/G/S categories which are no longer applicable.

X Current Switch A K, L }

X Current Switch B K, L } Holds the values paid by the employee in

X Current Switch C K, L } this period for the first 10 switches.If

X Current Switch D K, L }Compact or Professional only the first 6

X Current Switch E K, L } switches are applicable. If Premier and

X Current Switch F K, L } using Payroll Plus then none of these

X Current Switch G K, L } items will be referenced as the switch

X Current Switch H K, L } values are held in a separate database.

X Current Switch I K, L }

X Current Switch J K, L }

Switch S Factor M Holds the rate factor used by this switch

  • Release ID: Standard