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Year End Procedures - Application User Facilities

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Year End Procedures - Application User Facilities

This option allows you to configure selected features of the year-end procedure. You can configure if holiday pay values are to be retained, whether employee transactions are to be retained and configure items for the end of year returns on disk.

Reset Holiday Credits to Zero

If you are using the facility to accumulate holiday credits and you wish to carry any credits remaining at the end of the year over to the next year then leave this blank. Set to reset this value.

Keep Holiday Pay Accumulations

The holiday year is assumed to be the same as the tax year – April 6th of one year to April 5th the next. If you operate on a different calendar – say January to December – then you would not want to reset the holiday weeks/pay accumulation items as part of the tax year end.If set this then these item values are retained – you would have to reset these values manually at the end of the holiday year, perhaps via a ProFiler routines, if you set this option.

Retain Employee Transactions

Transactions recorded in the, Premier only, Payroll Transactions file and the P11 Transactions file are cleared at year end. If you wish to keep these items then set this option accordingly.

Drive Letter for End-of-Year Disk

Data Item for DSS Sub-Total Breaks

Data Items on which to sort output

These parameters relate to the end of year disk submission to the Inland Revenue and have largely been superseded by the XML submission options. If using this submission method set the drive letter (usually A), and the data items as requested.

  • Release ID: Standard