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Fax Printing - Document Design Manager

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Fax Printing - Document Design Manager

Selected fax software, such as Tobit David and Zetafax, allow programs to pass information to them with regards to fax and contact details. This option allows you to enter those commands and pick up fax and contact details from the employee record.

You have the ability to enter up to ten lines of control text that will be passed to the fax printer (note if you print this to a standard printer directly – i.e. not print to the fax printer – these commands will appear on the printout) which will allow you to pass detail such as fax numbers and contacts.

To pass information from the database, such as a fax number, you enter the command (@@NUMBER for Tobit), followed by a space and then a ‘!’ and a three-digit number, finishing with any closing command (@@ for Tobit). Data items available are shown on the LIST button including special options for document date and user name.

Include commands when sending to the spooler – If left blank then the commands will not be included if you send the document to the print spooler, nor will they be saved to the Ledger Enquiry reprint options.Note that if sending statement runs to the spooler containing multiple commands for different contact then Tobit for one cannot interpret the print job correctly.

Document Parameters

In addition to the design features accessible from the document mask there are various parameter screens which can be used to configure the printed output and the processing of the document. When you select Parameters we automatically display the first of these parameter screens.You can navigate between the parameter screens by using the options available at the bottom of the parameter screen.

The PREVIOUS button, available on all bar the first parameter screen, takes you to the previous parameter screen. The NEXT button, available on all bar the last parameter screen, takes you to the next parameter screen. The OK and CLOSE buttons both return you to the document mask.

The ACTION pull-down lists the parameter screens available allowing you to go directly to the required screen if desired.

In addition to the buttons you can navigate between pages by use of the <Page-Up> and <Page-Down> keys. The <End> key will also take you to the next page and the <ESC> key will return you to the document mask. Note that once you have changed the value of an item then the value is updated to the definition – if you want to reset it you must either change it back or exit from the document design without saving.

NB: The parameter options are discussed in relation to their specific documents below.

Save & Exit

The File pull-down allows you to save the document and exit the document design. If you exit without saving you will be prompted to save the changes – if you respond ‘Yes’ then you save the document before exiting, if you respond ‘No’ then any changes you have made since the last save are abandoned.

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