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Statutory Pay Schemes

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Statutory Pay Schemes

As with tax and NI these values are updated automatically as part of the year-end for users on the Gold update.

SSP Lower Limit

SSP Higher Limit

SSP Payment

Maximum Number of Weeks to be Paid in a Year

For each entry in the SSP table key the lower limit, the upper limit and the rate of statutory sick pay, pressing <Enter> after each. Following completion of the rate table, key the maximum number of weeks SSP to be paid within a year.

Percentage of Earnings

SMP Lower Rate

Fixed Weekly Amount

These values relate to the statutory maternity, paternity and adoption payments. Key in the percentage of earnings that is to be calculated (currently 90%), the SMP lower rate (currently £75) and the usual weekly amount for SMP/SAP/OSPP/ASPP.

Minimum Earnings 1 / 2

Change Over Date

SMP/SAP/SPP calculations apply a minimum earnings threshold for calculation of the statutory payment amount which is equal to the NI Lower Earnings Limit. However, it is the Lower Earnings Limit that was in place for the relevant period that is key. These options allow you to set the two minimum earnings limit and the final date for the first limit.

SMP Weeks 1 / 2

OSPP Weeks

ASPP Weeks

SAP Weeks

Key in the number of weeks allowed. SMP is split into high and low weeks – high weeks the employee receives 90% of their usual weekly earnings, on low weeks they receive the lower of 90% of their earnings or the fixed weekly amount. SPP and SAP operate on the same principle as the low SMP weeks.

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