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Company/Bank Details

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Company/Bank Details

The first screen of the Company/Bank Details allows you to specify details of the company for which this payroll is to be used and details of the company bank account and tax office

Payroll Name

The name you enter here is printed at the top of all the payroll reports. In addition to typing in the company name, you may wish to include some text to indicate whether the payroll is for weekly or monthly paid employees. Up to 28 characters including spaces may be used for the payroll name.

ECON Reference

If the payroll has any employees using a contracted-out NI category then enter the company’s ECON reference here.

Company Name and Address

Enter the company name and address, using five lines of up to 35 characters per line including spaces.Type the text on each line and key <Enter>.

Company Bank Account Details

Type in the company bank account details here. You may use up to five lines of text for the name and address, each of up to 35 characters including spaces for the details. The bank sort code should be in the exact form used by the banks — usually three pairs of numbers separated by hyphens — e.g. "12‑34‑56”.

Tax Distric
t Title
IR Office / PAYE Reference

Enter here the name and code of the tax district for this payroll. You may use up to 16 characters for the name and up to 12 characters for the district code. <F6-Companies> is available on the tax reference input to list details for any other active payroll companies in the system.

If RTI is in use the system will warn if you attempt to change this value – an <F7-Option> key override is required to change this value.

Self-Assessment Ref

Corporation Tax Ref

Enter references for self-assessment and corporation tax as appropriate.

Ceased Trading

Set this flag if the company has ceased trading. Setting this enables the display of the General XML Parameters within FPS / EPS submissions to the HMRC which require additional details on the final submission in these circumstances.

Seconded Workers

Set this flag if you pay employers who have been seconded to work in the UK from an overseas company.Setting this option enables additional inputs within employee maintenance.

RTI In Use

Set if RTI is in use for this company (this is generally true for all companies as of 6th April 2013 but some employers may be advised to delay implementation until later in the 2013/14 tax year).

Employer Account Office Ref

Enter the appropriate reference here.

Payments to HMRC Quarterly

Most employers pay the HMRC monthly but if you are allowed you can enable this setting here to process EPS submissions on a quarterly basis.

The second screen of the Company/Bank Details contains the submission parameters for the RTI Returns to the HMRC and the access user-id and password for the HMRC DPS Mailbox.

Alternate XML Path

The RTI submission processes create XML files which, by default, are held in the main DFWIN folder and sub-folders off this location. This option allows you to specify an alternate path for these files.

Contact Title






Confirm/Enter the contact details to be included on the year-end submission.

Inland Revenue User Id


Enter the user-id and password supplied by the Inland Revenue/HMRC.

SMP Small Employer Relief

Set if employer eligible for relief as a small employer (total NI contributions less than £45,000).

SMP% Recovery Rate

If set for Small Employer Relief set this as 100% else set at 92% (effective 6th April 2013)

NIC% Compensation Rate

If set for Small Employer Relief set this as 3% else leave as 0% (effective 6th April 2013)

The third screen contains any applicable ‘agent’ details for the XML End-of-Year Returns submission.

Agent Id

Enter Agent Id supplied by the Inland Revenue

Company / Address / Post Code

Enter the Agent name/address details as prompted.

Contact Title






Enter the contact details for the agent to be included on the year-end submission.

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