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This option gives the ability to record against each employee record a visual display of when the employee has taken holidays, been off sick, late, etc.

Marking the Days

To update the display select the Calendar Code you wish to use – A-Holiday, B-Sick, etc. and select whether you will be marking a full date, morning or afternoon. Once you have selected the required items click the appropriate days with the mouse.

Adding Notes

You can add a note to each calendar day by right-clicking with the mouse in a date cell.

A white dot within a calendar cell shows the presence of an earlier note and if you move the mouse pointer over that cell the note is displayed on screen. Right-click would allow you to amend note. <F6> would display all the notes for the calendar year for the employee.

Defining the Calendar Codes

Press <F7-Option> to define the colours and descriptions to assign to a calendar code.Up to 26 codes can be defined over two pages, the second page also allows you to control whether weekends show as a grey shaded block.

Clearing Details

If you want to clear all details from an employee record press <F5>

Next Year / Previous Year

If the calendar has been used for previous years you can press the PREVIOUS-YEAR button to step back a year. The NEXT-YEAR button allows you create a calendar for the next year (only one year in advance).

First Time Use of the Calendar

When you first use the Calendar facility for a payroll company you will be asked to select the start month for your calendar year – i.e. January, April, etc. Ensure you get this correct – if you need to change this afterwards you have to delete the calendar files and let the system recreate them – losing any settings you have made.

You are next asked for number of characters to each calendar note – defaulting to 40 you can increase this up to 60. However, the more text you can enter per note, the fewer notes you can enter. A note of 40 characters means you are allowed 25 notes, a note of 60 characters allows you 19 notes.


The print options allow you to print a report detailing the calendar entries for this employee or a summary of the entries for all employees.

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