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Check for Active Submissions

Datafile Software

Check for Active Submissions

When you submit files to the HMRC if the website is busy then the communication could repeatedly poll.If this polling occurs the option is available to SKIP the acceptance/rejection response to the submission and exit out of the submission (which allows you to get on with something else!) This option allows you to return and check the status of the communication.

Select Which Types of XML submissions you want to check

Up to five submission types can be check for the 2013/14 tax year and these include:

P46/P45(3) Starter and P45 Leaver Submissions (only applicable if 6thApril 2013 is not your start date for Payroll RTI)

Full Payment Submission

Employer Payment Summary

NINO Verification Request

Employer Alignment Summary

This Company Only

Where you have multiple payroll companies sharing the same tax reference this option allows you to restrict this check to this payroll company only.

Test / Live Submissions

Check whether you are checking the status of a test or live submission.

Once the required parameters are set select RUN to proceed with the check, the system then communicates with the HMRC Government Gateway to determine if it has completed processing on your submission. If the Gateway is still processing the submission you are advised accordingly, if the Gateway has completed processing then the system continues with the final stage of the processing – confirming success / error and (if success) printing the submission receipt.

  • Release ID: Standard