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Employee Transaction Listing (Premier only)

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Employee Transaction Listing (Premier only)

This report, available on the Premier suite only – and then only if using the transaction file, produces a ‘statement’ style report showing details from the employee record such as year-to-date pay with transaction detail showing how that value was reached. This report allows the option to include employees who have left earlier in the tax year.


Diamond and Premier users should note that the above reports are configured via the ‘Standard Reports & Payslips’ section of the Application User Facilities. All of these reports (with the exception of the transaction listing) are intended to primarily report values for the current period and thus all warn if payroll has not been run.

The next five reports below are configured via the ‘Special Reports’ section of the Application User Facilities. These are primarily intended to report year-to-date values and thus do not warn if payroll has not been run. In addition these reports are flexible in that although configured by default (as below) you can change the title of the report as well as the items that it reports – if you do this then you will need to change the menu title via the CONFIG menu design procedures as well.

  • Release ID: Standard

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