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Student Loan Deductions

Datafile Software

Student Loan Deductions

The ‘Student’ option allows you to mark an employee as being applicable for student loan deductions to be calculated.

Apply Student Loan Deduction

Set to apply student loan deductions for this employee. Usually, this is the only option you need to set – the remaining options become necessary if the employee has any switches configures as ‘attachment of earnings orders’ against them. If applying attachment of earnings orders via the dedicated option then you can ignore these supplementary questions.

Protected Amount of Earnings (Optional)

Enter the protected earnings level of any switches configured as attachment of earnings orders. If more than one order then enter the highest level.

Switches to be Deducted (Earning Orders)

Enter the switch letters (A to T) for the switches that are configured as attachment of earnings orders.

Suspend Student Loan Collection

Certain types of attachment of earnings orders, if in use, automatically suspend the student loan deduction for the duration of the order. Set this option to suspend the deduction.

Any student loan deduction is included in ‘net deductions’ during payroll input.

  • Release ID: Standard