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LEAVE – Mark Employees as Leavers

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LEAVE – Mark Employees as Leavers

Although you may mark an employee as having left, their records remain on the files for the remainder of the tax year – however, it cannot be amended and no further payments are made. It is kept for year-end documents and reports required by the Inland Revenue – at the year end any leavers are removed.

After entering the employee number, the system displays the details required for manual completion of a P45 – we do offer the option to print the P45 after you have marked the employee as a leaver though.

Date of Leaving

Enter here the date the employee leaves his/her employment.


Confirm the pay period the employee has left his/her employment

Pay in this Period

Usually you mark an employee as having left after their final payment. If you mark it early then this option asks if you want to pay them this period – the normal payments can be made this period and they become a leaver after the period end.

Is Employee Deceased?

Flag if the employee is deceased (required reporting to HMRC)

After entering these details the system asks you to confirm you wish to mark the employee as a leaver and then may offer to print the P45. If you have elected to pay the employee in this period then you cannot print the P45 at this point (the values will be updated further). After the payroll run you can reselect this option and print and submit the P45 with the correct values.

If you’ve made a mistake on the leaving date, or the employee decides to stay then reselecting this option first asks you to print the P45 – if you respond ‘No’ you are able to amend or clear the leaving date (and thus re-instating the employee in the system).


Prior to the 2013/14 tax year prompted to submit a P45 to the HMRC at this point. However, with the introduction of RTI this is no longer required.

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