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AMEND – Amend Existing Employee Details

Datafile Software

AMEND – Amend Existing Employee Details

This option allows you to amend the employee’s details. Only one screen is displayed for this option – the second and third employee maintenance, switches and overtime screens discussed with the ‘new’ employee procedure are not available from this option. The switches in use can be amended via the separate ‘SWITCHES’ menu option, the second and third employee maintenance screens and overtime rates can be accessed via the ‘ALL’ option.

In fact, although the AMEND screen is by default similar to the first screen of the ‘NEW’ action, this is a separate screen that Diamond and Premier Users can reconfigure as required.

As with the NEW action you are asked for the employee number of the employee you wish to amend. <F4-Select> is available to select the employee if required.

NI Category

Although displayed on this screen the NI Category cannot be amended – to change an employee’s NI category you should select the ‘N.I.’ option on the Employee Details menu.

The Utilities and Enquiries Panel

On the right of the screen throughout the employee maintenance is a Utilities and Enquiry panel.These allow additional options against the employee record including:

Web – link to website for the employee (if recorded against the employee record)

Mail – launches your email client pre-set with the employee email address (when recorded against the employee record). If more than one address recorded then a pop-up will allow pre-selection of the address to use. If configured for Microsoft Outlook and the Datafile Outlook add-in is installed you can save emails against the employee record.

Word – shows existing Microsoft Word documents created against this employee and allows the amendment and print of these documents and the creation of new ones. (See below for more details)

Image – shows any image linked to the employee record.

Links – opens a Windows Explorer folder for the employee and displays the contents.Within this folder you may have files such as excel spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. If right-click and choose NEW, then various options will be available depending o the software installed on the pc.

Map – links to a map website showing the location of the employee based on the entered post code.

Zoom – transfers to the ledger enquiry option for the employee.

Memo – adds / updates the memo recorded against the employee.

Docs – shows the saved documents, i.e. payslips, for the employee

P11 – available for Premier only shows the P11 history for the employee

Trans – again available for Premier only shows the transaction history for the employee

Calendar – shows the employee calendar 

Microsoft Outlook Links

The Microsoft Outlook link accessed either via the ‘Mail’ icon on the toolbar or via the ‘Utility’ right hand panel allows you to create, view and print email messages provided the Datafile system is configured to use Microsoft Outlook and the Datafile add-in is installed within Outlook.

New Mail– opens up an Outlook new message to send an email to the employee. On send of the email a pop-up prompt will be displayed asking you to save the email against the employee record.

Open Mail – opens the highlighted Outlook mail message for review

Print Mail – prints the highlighted Outlook mail message to the default printer

Delete Mail – deletes the highlighted email message (note delete is only available for authority level 0 users or you are the user who saved the message initially.

Mail Addresses – displays the email addresses recorded against the employee record and allows update.

Refresh Screen – other operators on the Datafile system may be saving emails to this employee record. Selecting this option rebuilds the list of messages displayed.

Exit – closes the Mail utility.

Microsoft Word links

The Microsoft Word link accessed either via the ‘Word’ icon on the toolbar or via the ‘Utility’ right-hand panel allows you to create, amend and print documents against the employee.

The list shows the various documents already created against the employee whilst the buttons on the right allow various options.

New Document – opens up blank word document for you to create from fresh a document relating to the employee. A ‘MERGE’ button added to the Microsoft Word toolbar allows you to select data items from the employee record for update to the document.

Open Document – active when documents are listed and this opens a pre-existing document.

Print Document – active when documents are listed this option prints the highlighted document to the default printer.

Delete Document – allows you to delete a document

Maintain Template – allows you to create new pre-defined templates or amend existing ones. The MERGE button here updates the field from the employee database into the template, this will be replaced with data from the employee record when a new document is created via the ‘Create Document’ option based on the template.

Create from Template – creates a new document for the employee based on a pre-defined template substituting values from the account into set MERGE data items.

Auto-Create & Print – this option merges the employee data against a selected template and prints the document to the default printer but does not save a copy of the merged document against the employee record.

Refresh Screen – depending on where you access the WORD option from, other operators could be using the word link for a employee whilst you are. This option rebuilds the list of existing documents on the left.

Exit – closes the Microsoft Word utility.


The SCANS link allows you to scan employee documents against the employee record (presuming you have a scanner attached to the PC with a TWAIN driver) and to view any previous scanned documents.

New Scans– prompts for title of the document to be scanned and then launches the scanner dialog to scan the requested document

ReScan– Rescans the current highlighted document overwriting the existing file.

View Scan– displays the current highlighted document

Delete Scan – only available for authority level 0 users this option deletes the scanned document.

Rename Scan – this option allows you to rename the current highlighted document

Refresh Screen – depending on how you access this option other operators may be adding/deleting scans. Using this option rebuilds the scanned list for the employee

Print Scan– prints the selected scan to the default printer

Exit – exits the scan utility.

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