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Alternate F8-Zoom Link Item

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Alternate F8-Zoom Link Item

When using a ProFiler screen against one of the main application databases you can define that the application is linked to a company and a set application, the system then uses the record number of that database as the key for F8-Zoom to the Ledger Enquiry.

This new feature allows you to link a non-application database to an application database and nominate an alternate data item to use as the key for F8-Zoom.

Within the Application Profiles / Link to company settings a new setting is available to select the Zoom item.

Application – select the main application that the database links to.

Memo Item – if actually is the main application database you can optionally select the data item on the main record that holds the memo detail. Leave blank if linking to an application using a database that isn’t the main application database.

Zoom Item – leave blank if linking to an application from the main application database alternatively select the data item that holds the primary key for linking to the application enquiry – i.e. if linking to Stock Application for <F8-Zoom> then nominate the item that holds the Datafile Stock Code.

  • Release ID: 6.6