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Include Import Totals on Update Commentary

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Include Import Totals on Update Commentary

When importing transactions via the Batch Update accessories the system allows a report to be created listing the transactions processed and then provides a summary screen for the totals imported. This update includes an option to include these totals within the update report.


Report Specification

Within the Report Specification for the Batch Update accessories a new configuration option has been added to include report totals. To update the configuration select the Installation Details menu option within the Batch Update menu, select the appropriate update definition, before selecting the Report Specification parameter screen.

Report Totals – this new prompt allows configuration of the import total options.Options allowed include:

0Ask to print screen when display import totals (as now)

1Include Totals in printed report

2Never Ask to print totals

Note that if select options 1/2 the system will still display screen of the import totals but will not offer to allow print of these totals.

  • Release ID: 6.6