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Other Lookup Parameters

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Other Lookup Parameters

This is a catch-all option that allows you to create additional entries in the general lookup file for tables or other factors required by the XML processes. Typical such entries are:

EAN and Mailbox Codes

An input XML file may include an envelope header with codes for either party’s EAN or mailbox codes, typically in the envelope header. If these are not recognised, the XML process may reject the file as being from a party or for a party not known to it (as would occur if an XML file is wrongly directed). Use this option to create the code within the GLU database.

Order Type Codes
As an example, BOSSFed suppliers have different ways to prepare goods for shipment. Items may be shipped direct to their dealer, or await collection; items may be picked, wrapped and labelled on behalf of the dealer’s customer, and either shipped to the dealer, await collection, or shipped direct to the customer. There is not, however, any agreement between the suppliers as to how such services are to be coded.

A description is given in Appendix 7 of a technique to resolve this issue, using Y/N flags in the purchase order header file, and the GLU file, to lookup the correct order flag for the particular supplier.
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