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Invoices & Credit Notes

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Invoices & Credit Notes

Report Invs/CrNotes to Send

This looks for any invoices and credit notes that are available to send by XML, checking for any data omissions that might create an issue — for example, no proof-of-delivery details if these were required — and marking those ready to go.

Totals for each customer are printed, as a control against the XML files created.

Create XML Invoice Files
Create XML CrNote Files

These options are used to physically create customer XML invoice and credit note files. Only transactions marked by the previous report option are actually sent.

Mark Non-XML Transaction

It is sometimes necessary to remove an invoice from being included in an XML file. Use this option to do so. For example, maybe it is known that a sales transaction is incorrect, or was raised by accident.

Recreate Invoice File
Recreate CrNote File

Very occasionally an XML file may be rejected by the customer due to some error that they detect in the data, or it may be lost for some reason. These options allow you to recreate the XML file after making any data changes that might be required.

New Client: Clear XML Flags

When a new customer asks for you to send invoices and credit notes by XML, it is likely that you will have been trading with them already with paper invoices. You do not want to send XML invoices that have already been sent on paper, and so this option marks all invoices and credit notes up to a certain date to exclude them from future XML files.
  • Release ID: Standard