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EDI Message Log File

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EDI Message Log File

Item Name Type Size Description

1 SNRF X 14 Sender’s or your transmission reference.

2 ACCOUNT X 10 Your account code for the sender or recipient of this message.

3 I/O X 1 "I” for message received, or "O” for message sent.

4 PATH/FILENAME X 40 File and pathname of EDI message file.

5 TYPE X 6 Six-character application reference in transmission segment.For Tradacoms messages, if the last three characters are TES then this is a test transmission.

6 FORMAT X 1 "A” for Tradacoms or EDIFACT character set A, or "B” for EDIFACT character set B.

8 NO-MESSAGES N 4 Number of messages in EDI file.

11 DATE E 10 Date EDI application processed message.

12 TIME N 4 Time of day EDI application processed message.

13 USER X 6 User signed-on when message processed.

15 FROM X 14 EAN code of sender (for EDI files received).

16 NAME X 35 Name of sender (for EDI messages received).

17 TO X 14 Own EAN code for messages received.

18 TRDT E 10 Date EDI message originally sent.

  • Release ID: Standard

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