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Tradacoms ORDER Messages - EDI Order Processing

Datafile Software

Tradacoms ORDER Messages - EDI Order Processing

Tradacoms order messages are constructed from four message types:

¨ORDHDR – One per EDI file, giving details about the sender, the recipient, date of transmission, type of orders enclosed, and so on.

¨ORDERS – Details of each order, giving the location and delivery instructions, the products, quantities, and other details. A message file can contain details of more than one order.

¨ORDTLR – One per EDI file, denoting the end of the file, and containing check information.The Datafile Tradacomsapplication does not carry out any integrity checks from the ORDTLR message.

¨RSGRSG – An optional message, again one per EDI file, intended as an audit check on the data in the message. The Datafile Tradacoms application checks the message if it is present.

  • Release ID: Standard