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The SQL In parameters ask:

Optimise Records – this asks the number of entries processed in one loop.

IP Address – enter the IP Address of the SQL server

Database – enter the database name on the SQL server

Username – enter the user name for the database on the SQL server

Password – enter the password for the database on the SQL server

Server Type – enter the server type i.e. mysql for Jshop webserver

SHP-XMO path – enter the database file (including path) that is to be updated

The SQLMGR.INI contains additional entries which define the tables that are accessed within the database


from=FROM `df_orders_lines` INNER JOIN `df_orders_headers`

where=ON `df_orders_lines`.orderID = `df_orders_headers`.orderID

orderby=ORDER BY `df_orders_lines`.lineID ASC


This defines the primary table being read as the df_order_lines but then links it to the header table.

  • Release ID: Standard