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Optional Features - Job Costing Batch Update

Datafile Software

Optional Features - Job Costing Batch Update

The optional features for Job Costing Batch Update are displayed on this screen.

Delimiter for ASCII files, Default ",”

ASCII input files are normally defined to be comma-separated.If another character is used, e.g. #, then enter this as required.

Default transaction type number

If the transaction type is not cross-referenced then set the type as appropriate:

1Time Sheets

2Stock Issues

3Direct Costs

4Customer Invoices

Write Transactions with current date

If transaction date not cross-referenced then set this flag to use the run-time date.

Mark/Check Input Transactions as updated

If input file is a Datafile Database (DFD) then there may be records that have already been processed if keeping historical information.Set this option to flag records as processed as the record is imported and reject any records already flagged.The item to flag/check is set next.

Input Item Number for "Updated”

Set the DFD item number that is to be flagged as updated.This item must be a ‘?’ item type and is set as ‘Y’ once updated.

Use Selection Criteria against Input File

Again only applicable if input file is a DFD you can apply additional criteria to restrict the records input. You may for example have other records in the DFD that are not to be input – perhaps those with dates you are not ready to input.

Allow User Changes to Criteria

Setting this option allows the operator to amend the criteria at run-time. This may be appropriate when using a date based criteria.

Save Any Changes to Criteria

If allowing amendment of the input selection criteria set this option to save any amendments as the default next time the process is run.

Delete Input File When Completed

If input file is an ASCII file then you cannot flag records as processed, one way of preventing a second run is to delete the input file and this can be achieved by setting this option. Use this with care – the parameter does apply for both DFD and ASCII inputs and you may wish to keep the input file for resulting queries and maybe move the file to another folder when you are happy with the update.

Custom ASCII File Format

See ‘Custom Features’ below.

Lock Records as Required

This option omits the exclusive file locks on the job costing files for the import and applies record locking for the appropriate job records.This option is only applicable when importing from a Datafile Database and flagging back the record as updated.

Auto-Accept Date in Next or Previous Period

If processing on an auto-run menu then setting this option allows the system to automatically accept a date which is in the next job period or earlier than the current period without pausing for the operator to confirm. If the date is later than the next period then the system will abandon the update without processing.

  • Release ID: Standard