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Application Graphs on Main Toolbar

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Application Graphs on Main Toolbar

The main toolbar, and the Utilities panel within the Ledger Enquiry, allows for selected applications a GRAPH tool that displays selected values from the current record.No specific authority settings were available for this action – if you had access to the option which opened the record you could use the Graph utility.

From Release 6.2 a new command line setting can be added to the DATAFILE.INI which acts as a ‘global’ control on the Graph tool suppressing the option where the user has insufficient authority.


The DATAFILE.INI file is usually held within the main Datafile folder for your system and can be edited using WordPad or Notepad tools. The line to be added is


 where N is the value from 0-9 (0 is highest, 9 is lowest). Any user matching or higher than this authority level can view the graphs but lower authority levels cannot.

 Ledger Enquiry Graph Panel

 The panel shown in the footer of the Ledger Enquiry (usually on the right-hand side) already has existing authority level settings and is unaffected by this change. Each application, bar Sales/Purchase Ledger, has a Graph authority level setting within the Ledger Enquiry Manager – the Sales/Purchase Graph shares the authority level with the Aged Analysis setting.

  • Release ID: 6.2