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User-Defined Report - Multiple Email Output

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User-Defined Report - Multiple Email Output

User-Defined Reports allow the option to create the report as a PDF and send as an email.The output process only allowed for the creation of one email from any one report using the last record processed for any email variables you might set. This new feature allows you to set a SENDMAIL attribute to a $SUBTOTAL control block to create multiple emails.


At run-time the system automatically applies a PAGEAFTER attribute on a $SUBTOTAL block with a SENDMAIL attribute set so that the next email’s PDF report begins at the top of the page. You can still add your own PAGEAFTER attribute where the report for printing purposes though.

The Email Settings for the User-Defined Report are available from the Controls pull-down menu as usual.

The email parameters available are as before with two exceptions.Firstly the report attachment pathnames can now be entered as text rather than selecting data items from the file.You can use !nnn to pick up a attachment file name from the record if required and any existing attachment settings are converted to the new entry format on update of the report layout.

Secondly you can set a parameter to omit the report PDF from the email. You might use this option where the User-Defined Report is to be used as an email trigger for bulk email operations when sending (say) customers an updated price list or newsletter.

As before you select the email address from a data item on the main record and you can use ‘!nnn’ within the email subject and message details to use content from the database record. These values are updated from the last record processed prior to the email trigger on the $SUBTOTAL control block.

  • Release ID: 6.3