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Maintain Table Entries

Datafile Software

Maintain Table Entries

Use this option to create or amend the table entries reserved in a database. As usual you are asked to specify the database pathname, and may use the <F4–Select> key to help you choose.Once selected you are given the menu shown below.

Update Table Values

Table descriptions are changed within a window that lists the table entry numbers and their descriptions. The total number of table entries defined for the database is shown.

You are prompted with the first table entry number but may change this via the SELECT button. You then scroll up/down the present analysis value (a text string up to 32 characters in length) which can be edited in the usual way. Key <Enter> to move to the next table entry.

Note that up to 16 entries can be displayed within the window, after which the screen moves to allow edit of the next 16 entries. You need not display all the table entries if you have only a few to change. By using the SELECT option you can change just those that need changing. To clear a table entry blank out the text associated with it.

When you have made all the changes you want to the table entries select SAVE.

Print Table Descriptions

Use this to print a copy of the table entries for your reference. First you are asked:

Reply ‘Yes’ to print the table entries double spaced; ‘No’ to print them single spaced. You are then asked:

The complete range of table entry numbers is displayed. You can accept this by keying <Enter> against each, or may overtype either or both.

After confirming these details you are asked for the print device before the table report is printed. At the end you are returned to the Table Maintenance menu.

Enquire Where Tables Used

This option displays every item in the database that is defined as a table (type "T’) giving its data item number, its name, and the table range specified.

Return to the Table Maintenance menu by keying <Enter> or clicking the OK button.

List Table Values to the Screen

Use this for a quick list to the screen of the table descriptions.You must specify the range of table entry numbers that you wish to display, keying <Enter> after each (you are prompted with the full table range defined for the database). The entries are displayed in a list and you use the scroll bar or <page-up> and <page-down> screens to move up/down the list.

Press the EXIT button to return to the Table Maintenance menu.

  • Release ID: Standard