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System Profiles Screen 1 - Cashbook

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System Profiles Screen 1 - Cashbook

Cashbook Installed?

If you have purchased the cash book module, then set this option if the cash book is to be used for this present company.

Omit Nominal Ledger for this company?

It is possible to run with the cash book and to omit the nominal ledger. If so, then set this option. If you have also purchased the nominal ledger, then it would be normal to use it as well, and so you would leave this blank.

Y/E Control Account

If omitting the nominal ledger then you need to specify a control account which, during the year-end, is updated with the closing balances of all accounts, other than the bank accounts, before they are reset.

Use own journal sequence (diff from N/L)

Every journal entered into the cash book and nominal ledger is given a unique journal number, which normally an increment by one for each journal, regardless of which application enters it. Some people prefer that the nominal ledger journal number be in a separate sequence to the cashbook journal number, in which case set this option.

Maximum Column Headings for Receipts?

Maximum Column Headings for Payments?

The cashbook module mimics a manual cash book by entering data under a number of column headings on each side of the ledger. Specify here the number of columns (up to a maximum of 14) which you wish to use for this company. (Note that analysis codes are used within column headings for more detailed analysis.)

Mandatory Column link for Receipts?

Mandatory Column link for Payments?

You can define expense/nominal codes to be linked specifically to cashbook columns, in which case you could set this option to insist that only those codes which relate to a specific column can be used in that column, to impose a discipline on cashbook entry. There are other techniques to validate codes used within a column, and it is more usual to leave these parameters blank.

Cash Book linked to Sales/Purchase ledger?

If you have sales and/or purchase ledgers, then specify whether or not the cash book is to link direct to them for this company. You would normally choose to do so if you are using them for this company.

Omit Cash Postings in the Sales/Purchase ledgers?

If you are posting cash receipts to the sales ledger and cash payments to the purchase ledger through the cash book, then you may wish to prevent cash receipts and payments from being entered in the sales and/or purchase ledgers. Set the relevant question to prevent payments being entered direct.

It is common to set this option for the sales ledger, to ensure that sales receipts are only entered via the cash book, and so that bank entries truly reflect the gross entered on each slip, regardless of the number of receipts banked at one time. It is more usual to leave this option blank for the purchase ledger, so that automatic payment procedures can be used to the full. See the cash book manual for more information.

Cash Book linked to Job Costing

Where you have job costing installed, you may want to link the cashbook to it too, so that you can allocate (e.g.) petty cash payments direct to jobs as well. Set this option to link the cashbook to job costing.

  • Release ID: Standard