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Transactional Optional 1 - Nominal - Database Profiles

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Transactional Optional 1 - Nominal - Database Profiles

Data Item Type Alternative Notes

Reference X (6) ? Often used to hold sales/purchase reference on update, or internal docket number for nominal journals

Analysis N T, C Can be used for further analysis by (e.g.) cost code, if not part of nominal coding structure; or employee number to help complete year-end P11Ds

Orig-Tx- Date D E The actual date from transactions updated from other systems

Cash Book Column N T, C For transactions which originate from the cash book, the "column” number used is stored here

Cash net amount L K The net and tax amounts for transactions entered through the cashbook

Cash tax amount L K

Cash memo account X (10) Y For cashbook transactions posted to sales and purchase ledgers, this is the associated ledger account. For other cashbook accounts it is the expense account used, to display in cashbook reports

Cash account narrative X (25) Either the sales/purchase account code or the expense account description is copied into this field as the transaction is written

Tax Code X (1) Y (1) The tax code (if appropriate) used for this transaction

Journal Source X (3) Holds a three-character description of the source of this transaction (e.g. S/L, P/L, JNL). See nominal ledger System Profile

Reconciled (Y/N) ?-type Set to Y when reconciled on bank statement

Reconciliation comment X (30) Holds optional reconciliation comment

Statement Page No N Bank statement page on which transaction occurred

Statement Date D E Date of statement when reconciled

Temp Bank Rec ? Holds Y for items flagged in the current reconciliation

  • Release ID: Standard