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Additional SQLDET.DFD Maintenance Options

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Additional SQLDET.DFD Maintenance Options

Various maintenance options have been added to the system for the SQLDET.DFD (this is the ‘log’ file of changes to Datafile databases set to be mirrored).

List SQLDET Entries – this option uses the Datafiler List Records interface against the SQLDET.DFD database.

When selecting OK to List records two pop-up prompts ask for additional filter criteria.

Omit SQLDET Updated Entries
– set to ‘Yes’ to omit entries in the SQLDET list that have been mirrored to the SQL table (set to ‘D’ for ‘Done’ in the ERR-STAT data item).

Omit SQLDET Error Entries – set to ‘Yes’ to omit entries in the SQLDET list that haven’t been mirrored due to a communication error with the SQL Server.


If using the standard Datafiler List Records function for the SQLDET.DFD then the additional parameters will also be displayed.

If you have used the Datafiler functions against another database then this new list option will not update the ‘current’ database used within Datafiler, if you haven’t used a Datafiler function then the current database will be updated.

Refresh All SQL Databases – this option sends a refresh command for all the Datafile databases set to be mirrored to an SQL table. To do this it uses a file DFSQL.INI which is held in the DFCOMP location. This file is maintained automatically when you set a database to be mirrored. For databases marked to be mirrored before this 6.4 update then when the database is accessed in Datafile the system checks that, if set to be mirrored, an entry exists in the DFSQL.INI and adds if appropriate. Depending on the setting of the Refresh flag discussed earlier the refresh will either drop/recreate the SQL table or empty/import to the SQL table.

Selecting the refresh option you will be prompted:

Select ‘NO’ if you wish to keep all the current records in the SQLDET database, select ‘Yes’ to delete any existing entries for the refreshed database and compact the SQLDET database to remove the blanked records.Note that if you do not select the clear down and compact option for the SQLDET database the system will mark existing entries for the database as D-Done to avoid time delaying duplication of the mirror. If you do select to clear down and compact the database then the system performs multiple passes of the SQLDET – one for each mirrored database in the DFSQL.INI – as the system cannot assume that all mirrored databases are listed in the DFSQL.INI currently.

Refresh a SQL DB (Delete/Recreate) – this option prompts for a Datafile Database for which you wish to refresh the SQL table. Note that regardless of the setting of the refresh flag the SQL table is always deleted and recreated using this option.

Refresh a SQL DB (Erase/Output) – this option also prompts for a Datafile Database for which you refresh the SQL table. In this case the system always erases/re-outputs the data regardless of the refresh flag setting.

Clear down SQLDET Entries – selecting this option removes any entries with a D-Done status, and optionally any with an error status, and compacts the SQLDET afterwards.

The menu options for the above additional actions are:

List SQLDET Entries P-Program DB.EXE Parameter – 2010

Refresh ALL SQL Databases P-Program DB.EXE Parameter – 5012

Refresh A SQL DB (Delete) P-Program DB.EXE Parameter – 5009

Refresh A SQL DB (Empty) P-Program DB.EXE Parameter – 5010

Clear down SQLDET Entries P-Program DB.EXE Parameter – 5011

  • Release ID: 6.4