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Payments with Remittance Advice - Cashbook

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Payments with Remittance Advice - Cashbook

This option allows you enter your payments within the Cashbook and produce a remittance advice (and cheque) as opposed to entering them in the Purchase Ledger. It is only applicable if the Purchase Ledger is in use and then only for Diamond and Premier users.

The payment entry process is similar to the Cashbook payment process discussed above – you confirm the journal number, period and date, you select the bank account and enter a cheque number (if not using the system to print the cheque). However you do not pre-enter a payment total, instead you then enter the payment detail. Note this option is intended to be similar to the ‘Manually Generate Payment’ option within the Purchase Ledger so only one entry is input per payment.

After entry of the cashbook column, you select the purchase ledger account / nominal account as normal.

If you select a non-P/L column then after entry of the nominal account you are asked for the ‘payee’ name – this is used on the remittance/cheque and recorded as the entry description/narrative. You then enter the amount/tax/tax-amount as normal and then given the option to update the payment.

If you select a P/L column, then after entering the supplier account you are taken into the allocation actions to select the invoices you wish to pay, plus credits you wish to take into account, and/or settlement discounts you wish to take using the ‘ALL/DEBITS/CREDITS’ option discussed in allocations earlier.

After selecting the transactions to pay, selecting the ‘Generate Payment’ button returns you to the payment entry screen to update the payment.

At this point you can re-edit the header or entry details before updating the payment, or exit to abandon the payment entry. When you elect to update the payment, the Nominal and Purchase (if appropriate) files are updated. You are then asked to confirm the printer to send the remittance to and, if remittance linked to a cheque, the cheque number to be used.

  • Release ID: Standard