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Open Office Utilities

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Open Office Utilities

Over the years various options have been added to the Datafile system to link to Microsoft Word and Excel programs including options to print reports to Word/Excel and to create word templates for use against main application databases. Recently the Open Office suite of programs has become more widely used and Release 6.4 includes options to link to these applications as we do Microsoft Word / Excel.

Report Printing

When printing a report within Datafile if the system is configured to use Open Office rather than Microsoft Office options are available to print the report to ‘Text Document’ or ‘Spreadsheet’.

If print to ‘Text Document’ then the report is printed and opened using the Open Office Writer program. As part of opening the document Open Office will ask for the font to use – typically when printing a report you would select ‘Courier New’ or another fixed font for alignment purposes.

The report can then be amended as a standard text document.

If printed to ‘Spreadsheet’ then the report is printed and opened using the Open Office Calc program.

The report can then be amended as a standard spreadsheet.

Note that the options to call the Ledger Enquiry from a spreadsheet and to print a report to a pivot table are not currently available when using the Open Office Calc program.

Application Word Links

Usually accessed through the Ledger Enquiry, though also available within the applications themselves, the Word link allows for the saving of word document such as letters etc. against the application record. For example on the Sales Ledger you can define templates for envelope printing or debtor chasing letters and then create a document for that template containing details from the customer account record. When using Open Office rather than Microsoft Word the procedures involved are basically identical though there are some differences which we will discuss below.

When you select the Word link option – selecting from either the CRM panel in the Ledger Enquiry or the Word icon on the toolbar – the standard application Word links are displayed.

The options available are identical to the R60WORD configuration of the link to Microsoft Word and include:

New Document – allows creation of a new word document against the application record.

Open Document – opens the currently selected document in the list.

Print Document – prints the currently selected document to the operating system default printer.

Delete Document – deletes the currently selected document

Maintain Template – allows maintenance of the application templates

Create from Template – creates a document for the currently selected application record against one of the application templates

Auto Create & Print – similar to Create from Template this option creates a document from an application template for the current record, but then prints it automatically to the operating system default print and then deletes the document afterwards.This is used for the likes of label or envelope printing where you do not need to keep copies of this document.

Refresh Screen – rebuilds the list of documents for the current application record (so that can see documents created by other users in the same session)

Exit – exits from the word link menu.

Text Document Design – opening a text document via any of these options uses the Open Office Writer program. As with Microsoft Word you can insert data items from the current application record – when maintaining templates the system inserts a bookmark for the data, when maintaining a document the system inserts the content of the data on the current record.

In a slight difference to the Microsoft Word link the data item list is displayed permanently on screen. It defaults to displaying in the top-right of the screen but you can move this as required – if you close the data item list then the Open Office document is also closed.As with Word you select the item you wish to insert, and you can hold the <Shift> key and the <Down-Arrow> key to select more than one at a time, and then click the INSERT button (you may want to tick the Insert Line option if inserting an address block).Once the document has been updated you can save and exit using the standard Open Office options.

One further difference between the Microsoft Word link and the Open Office Text Document link is that the Datafile session is ‘locked’ whilst the Open Office document is opened and is only re-activated on close of the document.



To enable the links to Open Office instead of Microsoft Office you need to set additional entries within the DATAFILE.INI. The DATAFILE.INI can be edited with any text editor (Notepad for example) and is usually held in the main DFWIN folder on the server. The commands required for Open Office are:



You may already have the WORDMODE and EXCELMODE entries in the INI with different operations so you will need to either edit these accordingly or comment them out (prefix with ‘;’) and add new entries.

If some terminals will use Microsoft Office and others Open Office then you need to comment out these entries in the DATAFILE.INI and move them to the DFWIN.INI which is usually held in C:\WINDOWS. Note thought that Microsoft Word users will not be able to see Open Office documents and vice versa.

  • Release ID: 6.4