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Documents to Email - Merge PDF Attachments

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Documents to Email - Merge PDF Attachments

When application documents are sent to email the document is attached as a PDF file. The email parameters also allow for the inclusion of additional attachments such as terms and conditions, product advisory notices, etc. which are included as separate attachments to the email. This new feature allows, where the attachment is a PDF file, the additional attachments to be merged as extra pages into the main document PDF file meaning the email has one combined PDF attachment.


Document Design Manager

Additional attachments are applied via the Email Settings within the Document Design; an additional command attribute has been created to ‘append’ the attachment to the main document PDF file.

To update the Email Settings within a document Diamond and Premier users should select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Document Design Manager, Compact and Professional users should select Installation followed by Document Design Manager.

Select the required application and, if appropriate, document sub-type, before selecting the required layout.Once the document mask is displayed select the Format option at the top of the screen before selecting the Email Settings parameter.

Attachments are added to the document email via commands entered in the email body.Where the email body is the basic text layout then the attachment filename is recorded within ‘<<’ and ‘>>’ brackets, where the email body is a HTML file it is included within ‘[[‘ and ‘]]’ brackets – for example:


 Existing options allow the filename to be picked up from the main databases for the application (i.e. !Hnnn.PDF), and provide for various command attributes including option to hide the attachment command, test a data item before including the attachment, and to blank out the email line if the attachment is not applied. This new command, $append, applying to PDF attachments only allows the attachment to be appended to the main document PDF attachment.

  • Release ID: 6.4