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Statements - Batch Tracking

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Statements - Batch Tracking

The Statements allows up to eight reports – these can be reports based on the stock records detailing the batches associated with that stock item, or based on the batch file detailing the transactions associated with that batch. Two statement reports are pre-defined for you – the first a stock based statement detailing the batches, the second a batch based statement detailing the transactions.

On selection of the Statements option you will be presented with the list of available reports for you to select, where only one report is defined this is selected for you. After selecting the report you will be presented with a list of optional parameters that can be set before printing the report.

In addition to the standard parameters discussed previously for batch reports, the statement options include these additional parameters.

Exclude if no Batch Transactions
Exclude if no Batches/Serials

These two parameters – the first appearing on batch/batch transaction reports, the second on stock/batch reports – allow you to exclude print of the stock/batch item where no details will be reported.

Transaction Records in Range

Available on batch/batch transaction reports only this option, defaulting to 1 – highest, allows you to restrict the range of records processed.

Transactions in Date Range

Available on batch / batch transaction reports this allows you to restrict the date range of transactions reported.

Specify Any Selection Criteria

Selecting this option on a stock/batch statement allows you to restrict the stock records reported, on a batch/batch transaction statement it allows you to restrict the batch details reported.

The OPTIONS Button

The OPTIONS button allows you to configure the page size, font and margins of the printed report and operates as discussed in Stock Reports above.

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