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Application Pick Lists - Apply Colour Highlighting Rules

Diamond and Premier 2016 Only

This facility allows the facility to apply colour highlighting rules to the application pick lists. You could apply colour highlights to (say) sales orders where the delivery date is today, purchase orders which are overdue and so on.


Application User Facilities

To update Installer users can right-click on the menu option for application pick list within the Explorer Menu pane and select the ‘Configure Option’ facility and then move to the required pick list configuration setting. Alternatively you can select Installation from the main menu followed by Application Manager and then Application User Facilities. Select the required application before selecting the main application screen maintenance options followed by the required header/detail pick list option (for the Job Costing application the pick list configuration is on the initial application user facilities menu).

Colour settings are defined on the third screen of parameters.

Up to five colour highlighting rules can be applied. To update select the ‘Amend’ input for an entry and the colour options will be displayed – select the required colour and then enter the selection criteria for the value(s) that is required to apply that colour.

Highlight rules are applied on the basis of the first matching entry – you should apply the most important highlights first.

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